Know Your Audience

To be successful when communicating, it is very important to recognize who your target audience is. Through stepping into the mind of the audience you can adjust your message around the needs and requirements of those you wish to communicate with. By understanding things from their perspective you create a link between an audience and the speaker. Thill and Bovee (2013, p. 9) talk about a great skill to acquire is the ability to recognize, understand and respect the wishes and needs of each member of the audience. Ricky (2012) states that to keep your audience interested and engaged your topic needs to contain the right amount of information with the correct tone to avoid speaking gaffes. Basic information should not be presented to a highly educated audience just as a novice audience should not be spoken to with knowledge too high to understand. Through understanding this helps for communication to be received more clearly and effectively.


Communication affects various relationships in many different settings of our lives. The way we communicate can vary from different relationships with various people. There is a great difference between the way we communicate with our family members compared to our work colleagues, managers and supervisors. Exchanging information with family members is the most comfortable and in my belief the most important communicational environment of all. Through understanding peoples emotions and intentions behind information the message can be easily understood exactly the way it was intended. The workplace is a team environment and communication should be influenced accordingly. Robinson, L et al. (2015) in their studies have found that communication is the glue that improves connections with others thus improving teamwork and decision making. Actively listening and adapting to the different views and personalities of your work peers will help in avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings.

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