Technologies in Today’s Society

Our daily lives are constantly being influenced by new and improved technologies. This new generation of teenagers/young adults have been greatly influenced by the immense amount of communication technologies that are available. Cellphones, emails, and Internet based social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just a few of the many methods of communication technologies.

Benefits of Communication Technologies

These networking sites allow people to share and communicate with family and friends as well as reconnect with long distance relatives and loved ones who we have lost contact with over the years. Through the use of these technologies keeping in contact with people has become much more simpler and easier.(Zorzini,2013)

Negative Effects of Communication Technology

1. Increased Bullying

Cyber bullying has become increasingly popular with the rise of the Internet and technology. Bullying has risen to another level making it much easier to harass and bully through these devices. Kids are no longer able to flee to the safety of their own home.(Hosale, 2013)

2. Loss of Human Connection

Communication Technology is made to connect people, however in some cases it has caused a loss of social bonds between people. Most find social media to be a distraction from the real world, friends are no longer having face-to-face conversations and thus isolating ourselves with our technology.(Hosale, 2013)

Here is a short video demonstrating how technology has caused a loss of human interaction.

3. Inappropriate content

Through the Internet an excessive amount of inappropriate content can be accessed by the click of a button. These Technologies have caused great concerns with how much exposure children have to negative and inappropriate content.Children are now more likely to access pornography at an early age, poisoning the minds of young people with what is seemed acceptable to watch and do.(Schafer, 2012)

Just like most things in life, there are both negative and positive aspects to communicating through technology. Social network can be a very useful tool to help people connect with one another, however it can also be used to hurt many people and their lives.


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