Information Gathering: Research

Research is used for various different purposes, it is used to confirm and establish facts and truths, as well as solve new and existing problems and theories. When developing a project, relevant and timely information is crucial to become more knowledgeable in your specific professional area. By obtaining information about a specific subject or field helps to keep yourself more informed within your industry. (COMM11003 2015)

Where to Research

There are many places to find the efficient and effective information you require. The internet has become an increasingly popular place to find information that meets your research needs. Through the increasing growth of the internet we can access almost anything at the tips of our fingers. However, with this mass amount of information available it can be quite difficult to sift through what is useful and relevant. The library database is another primary source to find information. Many different sources can be located in this database such as journals, articles, books, and much other materials.(Sieber, 2008)

Conducting research and gathering information is an important skill to acquire in order to be more successful within your profession. Below is a video that will give further information into the study design of different research methods.

Bibliography: Reference


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